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Renowned for being the best website development company in Nigeria, our web design and development service helps clients grow their businesses online. At WAGzTech Technologies, we build websites that are not only visually beautiful, but also functionally effective. Our team of web strategists, designers, developers, and project managers work together to help clients meet their business objectives. Within the last 2 years, we built over 70 websites.


No matter what the project is, here at WAGz Tech, we always insist on working through our branding process to establish the creative brief with our clients. One of the reasons we never pitch is that we believe it is impossible to gain a real understanding of a brand without working closely with the owners. One of the other reasons is that we charge lots of money for this work and don’t believe in giving things away for free.


Everything we do at big fish has to look fantastic. We believe that design is about evoking as well as telling a clear story exploiting every single one of the senses. Every creative brief we work on needs to allow us the freedom to explore any opportunity at the outset and not limit our imaginations. This is another reason why we never work on projects where design guidelines are already in place as we’re not good at adhering to rules.


The Process We Follow

Product quality is the key, so we built our processes around quality-driven development and unit tests. Code review and QA testing are part and parcel of our standard operating procedure.
We follow the agile methodology to stay flexible and meet your needs as they change and grow along with your project.
We make sure our products run fast and are easily scalable. We also ensure that the deployment process runs smoothly with no server interruptions. At the same time, we avoid 'scaling too early' to save you time and money.

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